Who Uses Private Money?

Private lenders generally lend to real estate investors, fix and flippers, landlords, commercial property investors, developers and wholesalers.  Basically, anyone looking to secure funds to improve, alter, create or rent real estate. 

Why Use Private Money?

Real estate professionals use private money in a variety of ways.

  • Real estate investment needs to move quickly. Banks do not move quickly and do not lend based solely on the property potential. Private lenders move quickly and lend on the property.

  • The application process is simple and if you know how to prepare it, approvals can be within 24-48 hours.

  • Real estate investors that learn how to approach private lenders and present a professional application for funding, receive more funding than those that try to "wing it". Learn how to get private lenders begging to do business with you.

  • Private money is NOT hard money. Hard money lenders are companies or individuals that charge exorbitant interest rates and fees. Priavte money are lenders that wish to rotate their money frequently and make passive revenue. They are not in business of abusive loans.

Do You Have The Right Tools to Get Private Money?

No, not those tools. that would be silly. We mean, do you understand the process lenders use to make a loan, do you have the information to approach lenders to apply for the loan, and do you know where those lenders are located?  Well, we can help you with these questions and more. Join us today and get certified to be a borrower with the Private Funding Academy. This certification allows you to approach the academy lenders and automatically be considered for loans. You will know exactly how to formulate the loan application and lender package.  You will be able to grow your business without wondering where you will get the money. You will have an advantage over your competition. So join us now. 

How Do You Find Private Money Lenders?

There are many ways to locate private lenders. Many people make it way too complicated. In the same way that you market for sellers or deals, you can find lenders. But, even simpler than that, lenders are often right in front of you.  As a Private Funding Academy alumni you will meet our certified lenders, as well as be taught the most common ways to grow your own personal lender list. You don't need a 100 lenders to be successful, you only need a few good lenders. 

Are you ready to accelerate your real estate business?

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