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Lender Checklist and Borrower Checklist

Prepare and Evaluate Project

Use this tool to quickly and effectively evaluate property and project. Establish repair list and costs, establish comparable sales and justify sales price. All with one tool. If you want to be a real estate professional, you need to have professional tools. Go there now :
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Prepare and Evaluate Project

Project Summary

This is your opportunity to educate the potential lender and tel them why they should lend to you. They need to know:

  • Your experience
  • The project profile. Why you selected this project.
  • The budget
  • The key repairs and how they will be performed
  • The timeline of the project 
  • The exit strategies (multiple)
  • Preliminary title issues, if any and how you will solve
  • Insurance and licenses
  • Any other details you think they need to know about the project

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